20 Hour Work Week, the Future of Foundation Work?

I know that you are reading the title of this post and laughing. When you think of the pile of grant reviews that are threatening to break your desk in half and the long list of phone calls that you need to return to grantees and potential grantees, the idea of a 40 hour work week seems laughable. The website Web Worker Daily has a post about how a shorter work week may be what is needed as baby boomers begin to retire and Gen X staff members rethink the idea of work-life balance. What if we could use technology to improve the efficiency of our work? Could we use shared positions or completely change the idea of our work to make it possible for a person to hold a job that they love, while still having a life outside of work? Do you think this day will ever come or is work-life balance something you can only fantasize about while you are answering your Blackberry during your daughter's dance recital? What do you do to keep your work life from taking over your entire life?