Balancing Success

I had the opportunity to meet Tricia Schulte from Cultivating Leaders at a conference a few months ago. Tricia has a great perspective on the need for work-life balance and is offering a free introductory coaching session for New Voices of Philanthropy readers.

From Tricia

Leaders in philanthropy may experience job-life stress as they develop and grow their careers. As high-achievers, they are often hard on themselves--not always taking full satisfaction in their accomplishments, feeling frustrated by their career progress, or the way they manage their time and tasks. Sometimes they give away all their own time and energy for the mission of their organization or foundation and forget to refuel so they can continue making a contribution. They may buy into the myth that working in the not-for-profit world requires that they sacrifice work/life balance, adequate financial compensation, and being valued for their great work!

I speak from experience! I burned out after five years on a job that I loved, because I didn't build my own reserves, I viewed my work in terms of success or failure, and I failed to see what I could do to change things. I left the non-profit world knowing there had to be another option. I was determined to find it and help others stay in the game; maybe even begin to change the game. Coaching has given me the skills to support established and emerging leaders so they can continue to serve others, grow in their careers and personal lives, and even begin to change the way work works.

Along the way, I've helped leaders avoid or emerge from many of the pitfalls I experienced. Through the coaching process, clients develop increased confidence, lower stress levels, and learn to make better use of their time by identifying what is important for them to do and what can be delegated to others with additional talents and abilities. They have said that they are better communicators and have learned to ask for what they want. Many have learned to change their negative perceptions in order to break through barriers and accomplish more. They have also reported that they feel they have more balance and control in their lives, because they establish clearer limits and know where and how to create change.

Please visit my new website:, learn more about how coaching could benefit you, and contact me for a free introductory session. Most importantly, I hope you will make self-care a priority and keep doing great work for others!