Branding Yourself with your Resume

Your resume can be a key branding tool. Below are some tips from my Do Good Guide on Branding Yourself for Personal and Professional Success.

  1. Contact information is easy to find—many ways of contact provided including home phone, cell phone, professional email (not something like, and address.
  2. Work history descriptions are concise, precise, thorough, and do not over-use modifiers like very, extremely, really, etc. Descriptions are written in active voice. –Prepared monthly marketing reports, rather than –Monthly marketing reports were prepared.
  3. Resume does not contain any typos, misspellings, or grammar mistakes.
  4. Focus is on accomplishments rather than responsibilities. Example: planned and implemented three large fundraising events, completed three direct mail campaigns each year and oversaw membership renewal mailings. Instead of: responsible for fundraising.
  5. Contains juicy, descriptive words that relate to your specific field of work.

Your resume or work history on LinkedIn is a key place to highlight your accomplishments. So make sure you make the most out of those opportunities.