Do you have a story to tell?

I am writing a book about getting ready for the career of your dreams. I believe that you don't get to the corner office by hoping and wishing, you need to train for it, just like an Olympic athlete trains for their dream. Ok, Maybe not JUST like an Olympic athlete. The nonprofit sector requires far fewer sit ups (thank goodness). I know each of you has had an interesting journey to where you are now in your career and I would like to include some of those stories in my book. I am looking for 200-300 word stories on: An example of an internship that you did that changed the course of your career or prepared you for a big leap in responsibilities.

Specific tools or techniques that you used to build your network and how that network has helped you find a new position or do a better job in your current position.

An example of a stretch assignment that you have taken on at work and how it helped you learn a new skills that made you more marketable.

How you decided to attend graduate school or got certification of some type and how that prepared you for a promotion.

Examples of how you manage your home life so you are able to handle more responsibility at work.

If you have a story to share email it to me at TristaHarris at gmail dot com. Include your full name and job title if you would like it included, you can also contribute your story anonymously (just note that in your email.