EPIP is coming, EPIP is coming!

It is almost time for the Emerging Practitioners in Philanthropy Annual Conference! Register here. To get you excited about the great content of the conference, I am reposting a session that I did at the last EPIP Conference called "How to Build your Multi-generational Network from Scratch".

Watch the Video Here

2011 EPIP National Conference

Concurrent Workshop: Investing in Influence for Policy Change Conference Track: Philanthropology 4.0 - Generations in Philanthropy

Session Designer: Trista Harris, Headwaters Foundation for Justice

Synopsis: You’ve heard this many times before: good grantmaking is about knowing what is happening on the ground.  Having a strong network can help you master this grantmaking skill.     But how do you network if you don’t have much of a “network”, especially a network that spans multiple generations? Well, back in the day, before Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn, people actually made connections face to face most of the time. These days, technology has made communication much less time-consuming, but the old-fashioned methods of networking still hold true.    This interactive presentation will reveal nine practical ways to build your network from scratch – both on and offline.