Free Webinar Tomorrow! (Hurry it's almost sold out!)

Me and Rosetta Thurman are giving an exclusive one hour webinar tomorrow, Friday, December 17 at 3pm CST/4pm EST for all of the lovely folks who’ve purchased our new book, How to Become a Nonprofit Rockstar! Here’s all the details:

How to Build Your Professional Network (from Scratch!)

You’ve heard this many times before: the key to getting your dream nonprofit job or moving up in the sector is to network, network, and network some more. You’ve heard it so many times because it’s true.

But how do you network if you don’t have much of a “network”? Well, back in the day, before Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn, nonprofit leaders actually made connections face to face most of the time. These days, technology has made communication much less time-consuming, but the old-fashioned methods of networking still hold true.

This interactive presentation will reveal nine practical ways to build your network from scratch – both on and offline. Rosetta Thurman and Trista Harris, co-authors of How to Become a Nonprofit Rockstar will facilitate.

Title: How to Build Your Professional Network (From Scratch!)

Date: Friday, December 17, 2010

Time: 3:00 PM CST/4:00 PM EST

The webinar is a totally FREE professional development opportunity for those who’ve already bought our book, How to Become a Nonprofit Rockstar! And no worries if you can’t join us in real time – the webinar will be recorded for you to listen to afterwards. But you have to register in order to receive the recording!

If you haven’t bought the book yet, go buy it here and then sign up for the webinar below. Note: You will have to have purchased the book to be able to sign up for the webinar.

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