It's not just who you know, it's who knows you

The old school way of building your career was spending long hours at your desk hoping some big wig would notice your innate skills and abilities and move you along your career path. Gen X and Y haven't been as comfortable with that model and are finding new ways to move ahead in the sector. These generations thrive on network building. For them, Linked In is way more useful than a a static roledex built with cards from hundreds of Rotary and Chamber of Commerce events.

Another way those networks have been built and nurtured is through blogging. A useful and interesting blog is a key communications tool. You are connecting with a willing audience that has a similar viewpoint of the world you are writing about. Blogging puts your authentic voice out there for the whole world to see. That openess creates many fabulous opportunities that are tailormade for your interests and expertise. There are many great examples out there: Rosetta Thurman from Perspectives from the Pipeline has begun teaching at American University and speaks nationally about the issues covered in her blog and Sean Stannard-Stockton from Tactical Philanthropy has a column at the Financial Times. I have been able to speak about next generation issues in philanthropy at a lot of great events and my new board members are getting to know me better through the posts that I make here.

Don't be afraid to get your voice out there, great things can happen when you take that leap of faith.