New Feature: Job Postings

When I first started New Voices of Philanthropy, one of the purposes was to open up the often times closed philanthropy sector to other new voices. Young people and people of color have often been excluded from the worlds of wealth and "charity" but philanthropy makes many decisions about how wealth is redistributed in our communities through grantmaking. So excluding those groups from the redistribution or philanthropic process, as staff and trustees, means that they are excluded twice.

I'll be posting foundation job and trustee openings that I learn about through my professional networks or that you send to me at tristaharris at gmail dot com. I know that there are websites like the Chronicle of Philanthropy have their own job postings but my take on these types of boards is that foundations only post their senior level positions there and rely on word of mouth and local postings for entry and mid level positions.

As with all new features this is a work in progress so let me know what you think.