Nonprofit Rockstar is on the way!

I just finished reading the final draft of the book that I am co-writing with Rosetta Thurman “How to Become a Nonprofit Rockstar: 50 Ways to Accelerate Your Career” and it’s pretty darn good, if I do say so myself. The stories and examples included in the book are from hundreds of nonprofit rockstars, much life yourself, that have shared their advice through interviews, blog comments, Linked In Q and A’s, Facebook comments, and twitter chats. The book will be available on November 1st on this website. We have two versions for you to choose from: a paperback version with an extended resources section and an electronic version that includes the resource section as well as live links throughout the book, so you can move to action sooner. The electronic version can also be read on any ebook reader that can view PDF’s. As a New Voices of Philanthropy reader, I’ll give you a sneak peek at the book’s table of contents.

Table of Contents Chapter 1: What a Nonprofit Career Looks Like 3 There is No Linear Career Path 3 Rosetta’s Journey 5 Trista’s Journey 8 How Do You Get from Here to There? 11

Chapter 2: Develop Expertise 12 Tip 1: Find A Great Nonprofit Job 12 Tip 2: Size Matters 18 Tip 3: Make the Most of Your Volunteer Experience 22 Tip 4: Learn How to Raise Money 25 Tip 5: Always Learn, Always Teach 28 Tip 6: Work Abroad 32

Chapter 3: Build a Strong Network 34 Tip 7: Prioritize Networking 34 Tip 8: Attend Nonprofit Conferences 35 Tip 9: Get Your Own Business Cards 36 Tip 10: Join Professional Associations 37 Tip 11: Go Talk to People 40 Tip 12: Build Your Own Frankenmentor 45 Tip 13: Start Your Own Network 50

Chapter 4: Establish a Great Personal Brand 52 Tip 14: Google Yourself 52 Tip 15: Stop Trying to be Two Different People 55 Tip 16: Write a Kick Butt Bio 58 Tip 17: Professionalize Your Online Presence 60 Tip 18: Start a Blog 62 Tip 19: Look Like a Leader 66

Chapter 5: Practice Authentic Leadership 69 Tip 20: Do Your Job and Do It Well 69 Tip 21: Join a Nonprofit Board of Directors 73 Tip 22: Lead a Committee 75 Tip 23: Cultivate a Slash Career 79 Tip 24: Polish Your Public Speaking Skills 83 Tip 25: Ask for Feedback 89 Tip 26: Do a Stretch Assignment 90 Tip 27: Speak Up! 93 Tip 28: Mentor Someone Else 94

Chapter 6: Plan for Balance 96 Tip 29: Develop a Personal Mission Statement 96 Tip 30: Schedule Time to Reflect 99 Tip 31: Don’t Skip Lunch 101 Tip 32: Fall Back in Love with Your Job 103 Tip 33: Ditch the Martyr Lifestyle 105 Tip 34: Clear Off Your Plate 108 Tip 35: Mind Your Money 111 Tip 36: When Work and Home Collide 114

Chapter 7: Move On Up 119 Tip 37: Create Your Own Professional Development Plan 119 Tip 38: Set Big Goals 120 Tip 39: Get a Master’s Degree 124 Tip 40: Manage Up 128 Tip 41: Get Paid What You Are Worth 131 Tip 42: Consider the Benefits 135 Tip 43: Get Promoted 137 Tip 44: Introduce Yourself to a Search Firm 139 Tip 45: Use Your Network To Find a New Job 147 Tip 46: Get an Executive Coach 149 Tip 47: Know When to Take the Leap 154 Tip 48: Resign Gracefully 157 Tip 49: Be a Good Manager 159 Tip 50: Run with the Big Dogs 163

Resources 167 Books You Should Totally Read 167 Professional Associations Worth Joining 168 Foundation and Nonprofit Fellowships We Love 172

If you are interested in having you community be part of the Nonprofit Rockstar Tour and booking the authors for an event, conference, workshop or book signing, email info (at) rosettathurman (dot) com with your request.