Playing B-Ball with Obama: 6 Steps to Crossing Anything Off Your Bucket List

I am a big believer in "the bigger the goal, the more likely that you can accomplish it." There is a lot less competition for big, hairy audacious goals, everyone is too focused on achieving the mediocre. I read this amazing post at the Four Hour Work Week blog and it takes the idea of big goals to the next level. From Tim Ferriss:

If you want a lesson in boldness, and to cross things off of your bucket list, there is no better teacher than Ben Nemtin.

His story, and that of the entire Buried Life team, is amazing.

It started with a list of 100 things and a planned two-week roadtrip. Along the way, Ben has somehow managed to play basketball with Obama, throw the first pitch at a Major League Baseball game, delivery a baby (not his), make the biggest roulette spin in Vegas’ history, and much more.

Most recently, they crossed off #19: Write a bestselling book. Their debut, What Do You Want To Do Before You Die?, just hit #1 on The New York Times, which will be announced officially April 15th. To celebrate? They’re sending a copy of the book into space.

It all seems unbelievable, which is exactly why I love this guest post from Ben.

This original content covers his 6 steps for crossing anything off of your personal bucket list. There is a method. Everyone needs a kick in the ass sometimes, and this did it for me. Read the six steps here.