The Public Relations Problem of Gen X

So there has been a lot of research on this so-called “leadership gap.” We know that the workforce is getting older and if passed experiences are any indicator we now that baby boomers are going to begin to retire in large numbers from the non-profit sector. If we know this, why hasn’t the non-profit sector responded like the private sector by offering
intensive mentoring programs, and other leadership development experiences that will ensure that the leadership torch is passed?

Why is it that so many young people are spending 40 hours a week on repetitive, mind-numbing tasks, that aren’t so much building future leadership skills as they are filling time?

One of the reasons this hasn’t happened, is because of something that could be called a public relations problem of generation x and generation y. Our generations are thought of as lazy, disconnected, and not very loyal. People think this because connection looks differently than it did thirty years ago and generation x and to generation y are different type of employee than baby boomers. We think of themselves more as free agents than life long employees but are willing to work smarter, faster, and better than any previous generation because of our focus on finding new solutions to old problems.

Any suggestions for fixing this PR problem?