When good things happen to great people

Ever since my son was 4 months old, he has been going to the best daycare in the world. I know most parents think their daycare is the best but mine really is and ABC agrees because they just selected our daycare provider for an Extreme Home Makeover! Philanthropy isn't always about what you can do on your own. I would have love to build her a new house but I don't have the resources but by all of the parents banding together and sending in many heartfelt entries to ABC we were still able to have the same result (OK a much, much better result that if we tried to build her a house ourselves).

In the past I have been very skeptical of these type of shows. I worried about drop in philanthropy, where a camera crew drops in, changes a families life in unknowable ways, and then disappears. What I didn't understand, until we started this process, is that families don't get on this show unless there is a strong community behind them that wants to see them succeed.

This has been a lifechanging experience for Tia's family and for the community that she serves and I am excited to see it unfold.

PS watch out for all the daycare kids on Good Morning America, Monday at 7am (my two will be there as well)

Update: Here is a link to the video from that segment