Wisdom on LinkedIn

Every time I use LinkedIn's question and answer feature I am amazed at how amazing my LinkedIn network is. (If you aren't already a part of my LinkedIn network, click on the "add me to your network" button on the right). I have been trying to think of new topics for my professional development guides and asked what the greatest career challenge is for young people in nonprofits and because the answers were so great I thought I would share some of them with you:

I see a real need for mentors in our world. I think for profit corporations do a much better job providing opportunities for young professionals to develop meaningful relationships with older professionals in the same field. We tend to "go it alone" too much!

Hi Trista! The greatest challenge I see is the low ceiling in the nonprofit world. As an ambitious young nonprofit professional, it's reasonable to assume I could hit top of my career ladder in 10 years. Where will I go from there?

Young people need to be invested in-both with money, opportunity, time, and energy.

I challenged with mapping out a career path; while I know what my desired end result is, I'm not quite sure of all the steps I should be taking to get there.

What do you see as the greatest career challenge facing young nonprofit staff members?