Join Me for the TED Talk a Day Challenge

For the past few years I have been learning as much as I can about how to use the tools of futurism to impact the nonprofit and philanthropic sectors. Developing skills of strategic foresight allow you to identify what is on the horizon for the issues and causes that you care about and adjust your current strategy to that coming reality. I have found that one of the most useful tools for me to identify promising practices and upcoming trends is to watch TED Talks and think about how the lessons from that TED Talk can be useful for my own work.

To share this practice, I'm starting a 21 day TED Talk a Day Challenge for do gooders. I encourage you to watch the talks that are posted here each day and leave a comment answering the question "What lesson from this TED Talk is applicable for your work?" 

Todays TED Talk is How To Start a Movement by Derek Sivers.

What lesson from this TED Talk is applicable for your work?

Share your thoughts in the comments and share this challenge with your network.