Be your own role model

There are times in life where we are pretty fabulous at something. We train for a marathon, sew handmade clothes for our kids, or raise $1,000,000 for our nonprofit. We are running on all cylinders and it can start to feel effortless. Then habits change, some crisis comes up, or something else makes us lose our mojo.

You don't have to look to someone else to help you get back on track, be your own inspiration. Keep a journal where you document what is going well in your life and why. Maybe you used to block out time at the gym in your calendar and that's why you stayed in such great shape. You can do that again. You can also look back at old calendars to see how you spent time and what your priorities were.

I just received a link to an article that quoted an interview that I did in 2009. 2011 Trista is pretty jealous that 2009 Trista was able to set aside so much time for strategic thinking. 2011 Trista feels like she is juggling a lot of things and doesn't often set aside enough time for thinking about big picture issues. 2009 Trista says suck it up and set the time aside to make it happen.

What can younger you help you with?