Gen X and Y in the Nonprofit Sector

Rosetta from Perspectives from the Pipeline has another great post about Gen X and Y leadership in the nonprofit sector. From Rosetta:

The Only Constant is Change: Give Younger Generations the Chance to Create a Better Future for the Nonprofit Sector

"...What will ultimately happen is that new generations will simply create their own institutions to replace the old ways of doing business."
- comment by Michele Martin on
this blog post

I have been thinking about Michele’s inspiring words a lot lately. Just think, younger leaders of Generations X and Y absolutely have the opportunity to change the face of the nonprofit sector and find new ways of fulfilling our missions smarter, faster, cheaper, and with more innovation to better our communities. Now I’m all for ditching the old models of working that are not working in our organizations, but for young nonprofit professionals, it’s just not that easy to envision. The question we are all asking ourselves is, how? We know there has to be a better way to serve more kids and battle hunger more effectively and fight poverty, etc. but we just don't know how it will work when our ideas for change aren't always welcomed in our current organizations. We feel the challenges every day concerning long hours and low pay, the lack of infrastructure, inefficient technology, and outdated modes of implementing programs that hinder us from doing our jobs well. So we know there are more effective ways of implementing social change, and we bring the energy and idealism to back it up. But how can things change if younger generations aren't a part of the solution in current organizations? How will our ideas help shape the invisible future of the nonprofit sector? Read the rest here.