Girl Meets Business

There is a great new blog out there called Girl Meets Business. The sites blogger, Angela, is writing for Gen Yers who are new to the workplace. Her advice is spot on and also helpful for all age groups. She has recently written a great post about accepting critism (don't we all love to do that). From Angela:

Hearing criticism, even constructive and polite criticism, can be painful. I mean, really, who wants to hear about the things they do wrong?I’ve got news for you - You do! The fact is most people, when hearing a criticism about their work or their actions or whatever, will immediately go one of the following routes:
Denial. “What you mean that report was wordy? It wasn’t wordy. You’re wrong. It was great.”
Dismissal. “The fact that you just told me my report was wordy isn’t even worth considering.”
Defensiveness. “The reason the report was too wordy was because you didn’t give me enough time to edit it. If you’d given me enough time, I could have pared it down. My other reports haven’t been too wordy.”
Disregard. “Did you say something to me?”

Here’s the deal: The report was wordy. Your clothes do fit you poorly. You do need to improve your organizational skills. You are too confrontational when you speak to your boss. Read the rest here.
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