January Giving Carnival

Step right up. Now showing for the first time, a rare glimpse into the future of foundations. The brightest minds in the blogosphere make their predictions on what foundations will look like 10, 25, or even 50 years from now. Use their uncanny predictions to boost your career, improve your grantmaking, or to win bar bets. No questions are left unanswered. Will the Foundation of the Future only fund programs that benefit puppies and children? Will it be run by people that have attained the elusive PhD in Philanthropy? Will the Foundation of the Future actually be the donor advised fund of the future, since foundations are outlawed by Congress in 2016? There is only one way to find out, read the predictions below:

Change Fan wrote Foundations of the Future: Payout, Pooling, Prizes and Proposals.

Arlene at the Grant Plant’s foundation of the future may have the best view from it’s space dock.

Phil Cubeta at Gift Hub sees a more engaged future for foundations.

Christopher Scott at Nonprofit Leadership, Innovation, and Change sees a more agile foundation in the future.

Jason at a Small Change predicts more online foundations in our future along with more multi-year giving.

Sean at Tactical Philanthropy expects that the "social stock exchange" will be where foundations look for grantees in the future.

Richard Marker at Wise Philanthropy sees increased collaboration and a decrease in grantmaking dollars.

Jake at Seliger and Associates thinks that foundations will remain stingy and self-interested.

I wrote about survival of the fittest for foundations of the future.

Do you think our crystal balls are foggy? What do you see for foundations of the future?