Opportunity for Next Generation Philanthropists

The Institute for Philanthropy is soon going to launch Cohort 2 of the Next Generation Philanthropy program. NEXT GENERATION PHILANTHROPY, NEW YORK

Next Generation Philanthropy is a program in strategic philanthropy for 18-30 year olds stepping up to a deeper engagement in their personal, family or corporate philanthropy. Developed through fifteen years of running the world’s leading donor education program, The Philanthropy Workshop, Next Generation Philanthropy was launched in London in 2007 to build the skills, knowledge and networks of young people, so that they could achieve more impact in their giving. Its success saw the program replicated in the US for the first time in 2009, and now we are delighted to be inviting participants to join the second group of Next Generation Philanthropy to be based in New York.

“For children of wealth, learning about and getting involved in philanthropy is essential. And it’s really important to be involved at a young age. A lot of people only start to learn about philanthropy when they are older and I wonder how differently they would have done things if they knew what I know now at the beginning of my career.” Valerie Gordon, Next Generation Philanthropy Alumna, Cohort 1

Next Generation Philanthropy is set over two modules; one of five days in the summer and one of four in the fall. Participants learn with a group of peer givers, and work with the civil society experts, activists and non–profit founders who act as innovators in the social sector. Facilitated by the Institute for Philanthropy, participants are guided through a mixture of case studies, site visits and strategic philanthropy frameworks, leaving them with a deeper insight into the issues they care about, the seeds of their own philanthropy strategy, and a growing cross-Atlantic network of peers working in a similar way.

The program is an excellent way of both connecting with the latest thinking in creating social change, and also of meeting other future family business leaders and family foundation principals who want to create impact with their giving. Following the program, Alumni continue to connect as the Next Generation Philanthropy Network for sustained interaction, collaboration and learning.

The dates for the next New York program are:

Module 1: July 28th– August 1st, 2010 Module II: October 21st – 24th, 2010

For more information go here for video testimony from philanthropists in the network who have been through the Next Generation Philanthropy program.