Philanthropy in the New Administration

During this year's Council on Foundations annual conference there was a plenary session focused on what role philanthropy could play within the new administration. Many ideas were tossed out there, such as creating an advisory position on the new President's cabinet and changing the foundation tax laws. For those who may still have some thoughts and questions about what the new administration means to philanthropy, Grantmakers in Health is partnersing with other grantmaker groups to host a session on this topic on December 1st and 2nd in Washington, DC. Here's the description:

Grantmakers Income Security Taskforce; Grantmakers for Children, Youth & Families; and GIH invite you to attend a Post-Election Briefing for Grantmakers. This timely briefing will inform grantmakers about the priorities of the new Administration and Congress and provide funders with an opportunity to help inform, shape and influence this agenda. Several informative sessions will be offered, including:
-A diverse panel of experts and representatives from the new administration’s transition team will discuss the priorities of the new Administration and Congress on a variety of domestic policy issues including health, human services, and budget and taxes.
-A panel of grantees will discuss the implications of the new political environment and what it suggests in terms of opportunities and challenges for the short- and medium-term on a federal, state, local, and community level.
-A facilitated strategy session will provide grantmakers with an opportunity to reflect on the briefing and consider strategies and opportunities for investments and cross-sectoral collaboration.

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