Reason 98, why Rosetta Thurman is a nonprofit rockstar

I have always been a big fan of Rosetta Thurman, from Perspectives from the Pipeline. She and I share a passion for making sure that the skills and talents of our generation are being fully utilized to strengthen nonprofits. She has an amazing post about that topic, that I think is too important not to share. Let me also say how impressed I am that she has time to read Rumi. An excerpt from Rosetta is below:

Rumi speaks of the importance of doing the work that you are called to do. When you don’t seek to use your talents in the service of your purpose, it’s a waste of your time here on earth. Why go to the trouble to figure out what you want to do with your life, then go work for an organization that plops you behind a reception desk all day long? Why go to college with a burning for passion women’s studies and end up in a nonprofit whose mission you’re only lukewarm about? Ask yourself the question: are you wasting your golden bowl?

In these difficult economic times, nonprofits need the skills and talents of the next generation now more than ever. Things in the game done changed. It’s no longer enough for you to wait for someone to tell you what to do next. It’s not acceptable for you to sit there in meetings knowing you have a brilliant idea, but keeping your mouth shut out of fear.

Read the rest of this great post here.

What can you do differently in your current position to make sure that you are fully using the skills and talents that you bring to the sector?