Spring Cleaning at New Voices of Philanthropy

*Image is of Minnehaha Falls, my favorite place to visit in the summer.

Even though it is 15 degrees below zero in Minnesota now (how I wish I was exaggerating), I've been doing some spring cleaning at New Voices of Philanthropy. In the next few weeks, you'll see a new look for the blog. It will be hosted by Wordpress and will have some additional pages but the web address will be the same. I am also adding writers that have varied experiences in the field of philanthropy. From executives, to program officers, foundation fundraisers, consultants, and many other variations on those themes. Each will bring their own perspective but all bloggers are here to help you be your best philanthrophizing self. If you are interested in being a regular or occasional writer for New Voices, send me an email at trista (at) DoGoodGuide.com.