Top 10 Reasons why Philanthropy blogging is important to the sector

Emerging Practitioners in Philanthropy asked me to write a guest blog on why philanthropy blogging is important. You can find five of the reasons here and the rest at EPIP's fantastic blog EPIPhanies.

1) Traditional media doesn’t really give a hoot about what happens in the foundation world. Buffet gifts aside, it is hard to find consistent coverage of the sector, blogs fill that void.
2) Blogs identify trends. New ideas that are bubbling up in the sector (or old ideas that are being reconsidered) first show up in blogs. Topics like rethinking the term “nonprofit”, should nonprofits play a role in election campaigns, and the public relations problem of Gen X are all being discussed on philanthropy blogs right now.
3) Foundations are notoriously secretive and blogs are very open. Blogging about the field lifts that curtain so everyone can see Oz and as scary as that is, it makes us better at our jobs.
4) Nonprofits are looking for clues about how foundations operate. Blogs give insight into the people behind the letterhead.
5) Blogs invite participation. Participation creates new and better ideas than closed door brainstorming sessions.

Read the rest of the reasons at EPIP's blog EPIPhanies