When God gives you an ash cloud, make bad tasting lemonade

I really, really wanted to be at the Global Philanthropy Forum Conference this week. But two small kids at home (young enough to miss me when I am gone and old enough to guilt me about travel), and an intensive travel schedule for the rest of April made this conference a no go. But luckily for you and I, there was an ash-belching volcano in Iceland that encouraged the Global Philanthropy Forum planners to offer a live stream of the conference. I'll be covering the Council of Foundations' annual conference in Denver next week, as well as the Association of Black Foundation Executives and Emerging Practitioners in Philanthropy pre-conferences. I'll be twittering about the conference (follow @tristaharris) and posting here, so check back often for updates. SPOILER ALERT: I'm pretty sure there will be postings about social justice philanthropy, payout rates, and there may even be an Al Gore sighting. Could this get anymore exciting?!