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FutureGood is a community of visionaries committed to building a better future. Through exclusive access to the world's foremost experts, international site visits to see the future in action, and coaching with Trista Harris, Philanthropic Futurist, members build their capacity to use the tools of futurism to solve social problems.

As our country moves towards a time of more uncertainty, keeping an eye towards the future allows us to imagine beyond the confusion of today and instead build a new tomorrow. Members include CEOs, philanthropists, social entrepreneurs, nonprofit visionaries, and civic leaders.

Members are selected through an application process, as the group is kept purposefully small. Your membership investment of $5,000 a year gives you access to monthly webinars, an international learning tour, special events and a curated community of people planning with imagination and wisdom for a better future. 

Applications to the 2019 FutureGood Community are now closed. If you are interested in joining the 2020 cohort, submit the form below.

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