Advice from another new voice

Tidy Sum left a comment on the article that I wrote a while back on Advice for those new to the foundation field. His or her advice was so spot on that I thought I would share it with the rest of the readers.

  • Tune in to Foundation Power Hour. Learn about foundation and nonprofit governance and learn to sketch out the power dynamics among staff and the board.
  • Find out where the bucks stop. Learn about the financial side of the field. Ask where the money comes from and how it is invested. It may intrigue you or it may make you barf.
  • Enjoy wildlife. Get a field guide to spotting sacred cows in the field. Then shoot them.
  • Moisturize. Buy some lotion cause you will need thick skin to survive.
  • Listen up. Talk for 10 percent of the time and listen for 90% of the time. We all talk to much.
  • Holla back. Defy expectations. Return your damn phone calls and emails to applicants.
  • Celebrate and laugh once in awhile. You get to meet some of the smartest people who are changing the world. You lucky dawg.