We All Have 168 Hours

I recently received a copy of Laura Vanderkam's book 168 Hours: You Have More Time Than You Think. A while back Laura interviewed me about my time management techniques to add to the book, as I was reading over my suggestions and quotes I was quickly reminded that time management can be a fleeting accomplishment. When Laura interviewed me I had an amazing executive coach that was helping me put systems in place to make sure that made sure that time wasn't an excuse for not being able to do all of things that I needed to do as the new Executive Director of Headwaters. She helped me set my schedule so I had time for strategic thinking for three large blocks of time a week, time to clean out my inbox everyday, and time for lunch (I know it sounds ridiculous but in my first few months at Headwaters I was packing my schedule so tight that I didn't have time to eat). As I got more comfortable in my new organization it became easier and easier to let those good habits go because things were moving smoothly and I was getting a lot accomplished.

Getting Laura's book in the mail reminded me that good habits only work if they are really habits and not just a fleeting lifestyle change. Her example of how you can really have it all (wife, mother, successful careerist, and connected community member) just by paying attention to how you are spending your 168 hours a week was a needed reminder that I need my good habits back, even when things are running smoothly. She has great examples throughout the book of how to maximize your hours. Check out the book, I bet you'll find new ways to maximize your 168 hours and make it a permanent habit.