Time to Reap and a Time to Sow

The last 6 months have been a whirlwind. I have had the opportunity to meet amazing young professionals across the country as I have been touring for "How to Become a Nonprofit Rockstar", the book was nominated for a  Terry McAdam Book Award, which has brought new visibility and years of relationship building on behalf of Headwaters has led to new collaborations and enhanced resources to do our work.

I am really excited about all of this wonderful things that are happening but when I had a second to breathe I was reminded that I need to plant seeds for the next harvest. All of these things have happened because of hard work and planning and the time to do that hard work is not when you are ready to do the next harvest. I will admit that it is hard to plan for the future when you are really enjoying the present but that is when it is the most critical.

That is why I am personally so excited about the Nonprofit Rockstar Leadership Intensive that is happening September 30 to October 2nd in Washington DC. We have nonprofit professionals from all over the country coming to plant the seeds for their next harvest and that sort of environment is what it will take for me to get my own house in order. Taking 3 days out of the year to plan for the future may feel like a luxury but it is a definite necessity if you want to be able to do your best work and increase your sense of purpose. I hope you join me there.

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